3-5 Days Express Delivery to NIGERIA starting from £7.50

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Delivery to Nigeria

To our customers based in Nigeria

At NIWIBI we make it a point not to profit from the cost of delivery and at times we find ourselves subsidising these costs.

We continue to keep a close eye on the cost of delivery to ensure we as a company pass on the savings to the Customer, and you as the Customer benefit from the savings we negotiate.

We ask our Customers based in Nigeria to please review our delivery policy and contact Customer Care for further clarification if required

Standard delivery (Nigeria)

Standard delivery is at a rate of £25.00 per every average shopping basket consisting of 10 items or less. An average shopping basket comprises of a combination of 8 or less items of clothing, and 2 or less pairs of footwear.

Please note that if your basket is in excess of 10 items, additional shipping costs will be added at a rate of £1.50 for every excess item.

Any duty or customs charges applicable are payable by the recipient on receipt of items.

Economy 21+ delivery (Nigeria)

If you are located in Lagos and your order is not time sensitive, why not choose Economy 21+ as your delivery option.

Not only do you save on the cost of delivery, you also have the benefit of not having to worry about additional Customs and Duty charges, as Economy 21+ is an all inclusive charge.

Delivery using Economy 21+ starts from £20.00 per every average shopping basket. The service is only available to those living in Lagos with an additional surcharge of £10.00 for those living on Lagos Island. There is also an option to collect from the deport located on Lagos Mainland.

Please note that if your basket is in excess of 10 items, additional shipping costs will be added at a rate of £1.25 for every excess item.

Estimated delivery time for Economy 21+ is 21 working days after dispatch.

Please note that this is an estimated delivery time frame. We can not be held responsible for delays due to Festive Period, Strike Actions, Public Holidays, Weather and delays caused by port authorities.

Average shopping basket

NIWIBI considers an individual customer to have an average shopping basket comprising of a matrix of the following categories:

  1. 8 or less items of clothing (excluding coats and heavily embroidered items)
  2. 2 or less pairs of footwear (excluding, high heeled knee length boots and motor cycle boots)

Please note, additional charges apply if your basket is outside NIWIBI’s consideration of an average customer basket. NIWIBI reserves the right to apply additional delivery charges on individually assessed cases.

In the instance a Customers basket consist mainly of bulky or heavy items. NIWIBI reserves the right to cancel the customer’s order if the customer:

  1. does not or refuses to pay the additional charges whether added at checkout or billed in addition under a separate email or
  2. if the Customer is not contactable after NIWIBI exhausts all possible ways to contact the customer.

Bulky and heavy items

NIWIBI considers the following items to fall under the bulky or heavy items category:

  1. Hard and Paper Back Books (some exception apply)
  2. All forms of Booted footwear
  3. Platformed Footwear
  4. High Heeled Footwear
  5. Designer and Structured Bags
  6. Home ware
  7. Furnishing
  8. Décor
  9. Gym equipment

Please be aware, that due to the nature of the site; we are unable to calculate at checkout the cost of delivering items which fall under the home furnishing or home wear categories. An email will be sent to the customer within 48 hours of ordering, detailing the additional delivery costs applied.

Assumed business users

If your basket is in excess of 20 items consisting of a single category item i.e. variation of shoes and clothing we will assume you are a business customer. Your order will still be processed as usual however, you can benefit from our Business to Business service. You can find out more about our Business to Business service by contacting Customer Care.